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Mueller Service Co

Sustainable Solutions for Water Utility Infrastructure Management

Mueller Service Co. presented us with a challenge that was twofold: design a brochure for a water and utility management company without using the color blue; and highlight the company’s rich history as well as its cutting-edge tech solutions. The resulting brochure utilizes the corporate red (like a fire hydrant…delivers water….get it?) and multi-pass print processing. The black on the cover uses a touch varnish resulting in a muted look and leather-like feel. The water droplets were hit with a high gloss aqueous coating, resulting in a light-catching, shiny finish. Through careful selection of photography, headlines and text, we were able to showcase the company’s experience in the industry as well as illustrate their commitment to cutting-edge technology.

Services provided:

  • Copy Writing
  • Copy Editing
  • Graphic Design