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The Astronauts Memorial Foundation

Space Mirror Memorial Dedication Ceremony

Located at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex sits the impressive Astronaut Memorial Space Mirror designed by Wes Jones of Holt Hinshaw Pfau Jones. This granite wall has all of the names of Astronauts who have died during space flights, launches and test programs. Through a sophisticated system of sun tracking technology, the granite monolith and parabolic mirror constantly track the sun. The names of the astronauts and pilots have been laser cut through the granite wall, allowing the sun’s rays to filter through it. With almost a surreal and ethereal effect, the names appear to be floating in space. As a new entry to the Astronauts Hall of Fame, we were asked to create both an invitation and program for the event and induction of Robert H. Lawrence Jr., a test pilot. We thought a perfect execution would be to create the program materials out of a highly reflective paper and clear acetate cover. While difficult to create and manufacture, families, dignitaries and attendees were moved by the final effect. Both the invite and program have been saved and framed by many attendees as an event memento.

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