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Metropolis was founded May 5th, 1996, by Brent Myrold, Kevin Kent and Kevin Boynton - advertising colleagues with big dreams and lofty goals. Our ideas and plans were grand, if not our accommodations. Nestled in a carriage house of an old mansion in the shadow of downtown, we were ready to take on the advertising world. Thus, the name Metropolis – the underdog, creating good in the big city.

As our business grew, so did our family. Each of these unique personalities defines the collective ‘is’ in Metropolis. We’ve earned our share of awards. We do like the recognition (and the shiny statues), but one of the most important lessons we’ve learned is that when our clients reach - and exceed - their goals, our job is well done.

The ideals, work ethic and creative thinking that led to our initial success are the reason that Metropolis is repeatedly recognized as one of Central Florida’s Top 10 Advertising Agencies.

When we say “fully-integrated,” we mean it.


Brent Myrold, CEO


Brent was raised in a small town in rural North Dakota made famous by the 1996 movie “Fargo.” After attending a local university, he moved to Ft. Lauderdale to pursue a degree in Broadcast Journalism. After years in the broadcast industry, Brent decided to pursue his love of advertising. Within five years, he became the youngest Vice President of Orlando’s McKenzie MacMahon & Stone (later Greenstone-Roberts). Five years later, he founded Metropolis. His passion for integrity, imagination and effectiveness is evident in every aspect of the agency. 

“Advertising is not for the meek of heart. I have the ulcers to prove it. Best advice, choose an advertising partner carefully.”

Now, over 22 years later, Brent is proud to claim Metropolis as one of Central Florida’s most respected studios for thoughtful creativity, brilliant ideas, intelligent strategy and award winning marketing programs. 


Kevin Kent, President / Creative Director


“Bio in 150 words?,” he gasped. [Unintelligible muttering.] Kevin began with his ‘84 graduation from FSU with a B.S. (appropriate) in Art/Communications and a minor in Psychology. The “psychology” was a vestige of a Pre-med major – before ultimately thrilling his parents with an art degree. Kevin was fortunate to land a (real) job as Art Director for the State of Florida Tourism. With that experience, he returned to Orlando, enjoying various tenures as Art Director, Creative Director and Vice President at several of O-town’s top ad agencies. Working with clients big and small, in industries of all sorts, each experience added to his collective brain trust. 

“I’m happy to write that my every day as a partner at Metropolis is a different discovery,” Kevin states over-excitedly. He enjoys solving problems. Whether it be a new campaign, new logo or new tag line, Kevin can be found in the middle of it.


Kevin Boynton, V.P. / Creative Director


A local boy, he earned his BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Central Florida. Kevin has gained both local and national recognition as an art director/designer while working at several of Orlando’s venerable ad agencies. Exchanging magic markers for a mouse, Kevin became an early techo-nerd devotee of the “Cult of the Macintosh,” a status signified by the ubiquitous Apple logo stuck on his car window. He is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA) and also serves on the Graphics Technology Advisory Board at Valencia College where he has taught design. And as if his head was not pointy enough, Kevin has a Masters of Liberal Studies from Rollins College. He is happily married to his high school sweetheart. Instead of children, they have four dogs, which means he is putting his vet’s kids through college.