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    Are You For Real?

    Posted: 11/01/2017 Author Brent

    Are you for real?

    With the advent of fake news, knock off shoes and shrinking brand loyalty, never before has being real to your customers been so important. Real is more than just fulfilling the obligatory…“thank you come again”. Its building trust, confidence and value in everything you do. Think long-term in each transaction…

    Deliver on your promise

    Never over promise—instead over deliver

    Provide quality products and services

    Back up your products and services with reasonable guarantees with a focus on customer satisfaction

    Don’t follow the leader…be original, different, unique

    Never mislead in your marketing materials and advertising message

    Take complaints seriously and act on them immediately

    Keep your inventory or services fresh and up-to-date

    Follow these basics of business and you’ll always have real customers at your door.